We found out about Martin by “word of mouth” from another handyman who realized the scope of our job was probably a bit large for his area of expertise. Being new to the area we knew what we wanted but didn’t know where to start. We are grateful that Martin was recommended to us. Our jobs consisted of one major master bath gut/remodel, a medium tile floor install and toilet install in the guest bath, a toilet/vanity install in a third half bath, hanging a large chandelier over the front entry and hanging a large ceiling fan from an 18-foot ceiling. As you can see, we had quite the work to be done! Martin came to evaluate the jobs and gave a very practical estimate of cost and timeline. We were impressed with his candid evaluation and his desire to help us understand exactly what to expect. He also made sure that we understood how he arrived at his estimates and he detailed factors which may affect those estimates. He didn’t want us to have any surprises but he also wanted us to know that a large job like this given the age of our home may uncover items which need to be addressed. While this was a major undertaking, he pledged to work with as little disruption to our home and lives as possible. Martin suggested working on the smaller job (guest bath floor/toilet) first so we could see his work and get a feel for having a remodel in our home before moving on to the major job in the master bath. Since we have never lived in a home during construction, we liked the idea of giving us time to adjust to it. Unfortunately when you buy a home, the inspector doesn’t always catch what lies beneath fresh paint and flooring. When Martin started the demo of the original floor in the guest bath, there was extensive rot in the sub-flooring. He immediately called me and texted me photos and discussed our options. He promised to do everything he could to keep any additional expenses for materials and labor to a minimum. After going over the new math. It was clear to me that he was committed to keeping our costs a low as he could. The floor was repaired, tile installed and looks excellent. We are very happy with it. Now it was time for the major job. Martin took care of ordering the dumpster and removing all of the debris from the demolition. He took care to cover all floors with paper and put plastic over doorways to minimize dust. Since the master bath was attached to the master bedroom, we decided to move into a guest bedroom for the duration. Even though this job was a huge undertaking, I told him that had it not been for the obvious progress being made in the bath, I wouldn’t have known they were there! Martin took exceptional care to minimize any disruption to us. I cant emphasize how easy it was to live in the home with the work ongoing. It’s important to know that the job we had was major. It involved taking the walls down to the studs, moving electrical and plumbing. A job like this is not going to come without expense. We were prepared for this but we still had a budget to work within. Martin wanted us to be happy with his work and he respected the budget we had set for the various jobs. He provided receipts for all supplies which also allowed me to return any unneeded supplies to Home Depot for a refund after he was done. He was very transparent with all aspects from start to finish. It’s important to know that you can trust someone to be in your home while you are at work. We had no concerns with Martin or his son whatsoever. We made the right choice to hire Martin. The quality of the work is exceptional and we know that we will be happy with his work for years to come.



Did a wonderful Job. Also pointed out things that I had not seen. We were getting this home ready to sell and Martin had firsthand experience in what the inspectors would be looking for. Impeccably honest and trustworthy!



Gilmer Enterprises did great job. Martin has integrity and efficiency that I have not seen in other contractors around here in a long time. I recommend them highly.




Martin and Aaron were a great team. They handled a lot of tasks for me and always gave me a fair price. As a woman, this is one thing I worry about! Also, their hard work was of quality service and professionalism. I highly recommend them for any task you may need in your home or business. A team that can be trusted and depended upon. I will definitely rehire them for any future Services I may need.



I am not sure when, or if, I have ever received such amazing service, especially from a company or person in the home contractor market. Martin went above and beyond (I am not exaggerating) to ensure our job was done right and done on time. He is honest, trustworthy, and a skilled craftsman. I honestly could not be more pleased. If I could give him a rating of 10, instead of the max of 5, I would.



My husband and I are very thankful that we had the opportunity to work with Mr. Gilmer. He was very professional, provided an honest and fair quote, but most of delivered a superior product to us. We have been wanting to add a backsplash in our kitchen for years but never found a good time to do any remodel until we had a leak in our AC unit that required a portion of our wall to be cut out. Not only did Gilmer Enterprises fix the drywall in our pantry, but they also restored the wall in our entryway that was also damaged. Our home now looks new and improved and we couldn't be happier. We have received so many compliments on our kitchen and drywall repair that we plan on using Gilmer Enterprises for some additional projects in the near future, which includes a bathroom remodel and new flooring!! Thank you Mr. Gilmer for making this an easy and seamless experience for us, without your guidance and knowledge we would still be dreaming about our new kitchen. For your remodeling and repair needs look no further than Gilmer Enterprises! Thank you again.



Gilmer Enterprises did an outstanding job repairing the hole in our wall. The drywall installation, mudding, and texture application gave a seamless finish as if I never slipped on wet tile causing me to judo-kick the wall with my knee. Despite the extra $50 for having to drive a long distance to me, I would 100% hire them again to repair or conduct other projects on our home.



They did exceptional work. Best Handymen I have EVER hired. They were extremely polite and respectful, came on-time, did the job correctly and well, an excellent job. Also, they were thorough, caught some errors the previous contractor made and fixed the issues. I highly recommend them.